About us

The APPG on Trailer and Towing Safety brings together parliamentarians, towing and trailer industry representatives and consumer groups to discuss and raise awareness of towing and trailer safety in the UK.

Representatives of organisations interested in further trailer and towing safety information or working together with the APPG should contact The National Caravan Council (NCC) who are the nominated APPG Secretariat.


Alicia Dunne,
The NCC,
Catherine House,
Victoria Road,
GU11 1SS

Email: trailerAPPG@thencc.org.uk

Telephone: 01252 318251

News, Reports and Twitter

If you would like to know more about the work of the Trailer and Towing Safety APPG, please take a look at the news and publications areas of this website.

Alternatively, you can follow the Trailer and Towing Safety Group on Twitter at @TrailerAPPGĀ