NaVCIS – Supporting Roadside Checks

Over recent months, NaVCIS has supported checks across a wide number of Police Force areas.
These include:- Derbyshire / Northamptonshire / Cambridgeshire / Norfolk / Suffolk / Leicestershire / Gwent / Staffordshire.
Where NaVCIS has supported these checks, the purpose has been to examine a wide cross section of light trailers – up to 3,500kgs.

... During these checks few – if any - had been carried out on more ‘commercial’ types of light trailers (up to 3,500kgs) on the network. From the checks where NaVCIS supported Police Forces, and a wider cross section of trailer combinations were subject to checks, it was very apparent that there were significant issues with the use of commercial trailers. Many of the trailers were poorly loaded or the loads were insecure.